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Actions That Create a Scary Nightmare Put Trust to Sleep

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0387776I’ll bet you’ve heard the old cliché:  Actions speak louder than words.  It’s a great thought and one that seems to have great merit.  You know as well as I do it’s one thing to say what you intend to do and another to actually do it. Unfortunately, if you’ve said it and don’t do it…you blew it!  Your credibility is as low as the Mariana’s Trench is deep in the Pacific Ocean.  It will take you about as long to recover your credibility as it would to swim to the surface from the bottom of that trench!

It’s actions that define results.  Here’s where the message in the preceding cliché gets a little sticky, if not totally blurry. The results as a consequence of your actions better be good ones.  Think about it…How many times in your life have you acted rashly and regretted the results?  I’ll save you the gory details but I know in my own life I could cite hundreds of examples.  You, too?

The bottom-line of my thinking is not to allow your actions to create a nightmare scenario.  Actions without a vision and understanding of the probable results do just that…create a nightmare.  To put that slightly differently, to act without thinking can create the unthinkable.

Here’s five steps to avoid a nightmare from your actions:

  1. Resist the emotion of a particular moment
  2. Breath and don’t exhale with words
  3. Quickly weigh the pros and cons
  4. Focus on the resulting logic
  5. Plan a logical action and act
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