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Actually an Important Barrier to Success Can Be Overcome

The Story…

I’m reminded of the amazing story of an army specialist who overcame multiple barriers in performing his duties one day in the wilds of the Korengal Valley of Afganistan.  For his effort he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Imagine being pinned down by withering enemy fire in the real world of a military firefight.  Just surviving through such a firefight would be one thing but Specialist Salvatore Giunta did more than that.

A quick overview of some of what happened on that fateful day when enemy forces engaged Giunta’s team with a well-coordinated attack.

Giunta sees his squad leader fall and races through the barrier of heavy gunfire to pull him to safety and administer medical aid.

Giunta continues to fight through the overall barrier of the chaos of battle even though his body armor had been struck by enemy fire.

Giunta continued overcoming the barriers of rough terrain and heavy enemy fire to get to wounded fellow soldiers.

Giunta’s next barrier to overcome was the top of a hill where he noticed a couple of enemy combatants carrying a way a wounded American soldier.

On his own he engaged the enemy and rescued their captured, wounded American soldier.  He rendered medical aid to the wounded soldier as the rest of his team caught up to him and provided cover and security.

Would you call what Specialist Giunta did that day a success?

I would!  He overcame multiple barriers to the successful rescue and medical care of his squad leader; other wounded team members; and the soldier being hauled away by the enemy.

The only way he could have accomplished all of that was to overcome the ultimate barrier between him and such success.

You may not have to go through the multiple barriers of withering enemy fire and difficult terrain in a faraway land.  However, you do have to overcome multiple barriers to whatever you define as success including the same ultimate barrier Specialist Giunta overcame.

The Reveal…

Giunta had a desire to save his comrades in arms that was greater than his fear of the barriers he would have to overcome to fulfill that desire.

Fear is your ultimate barrier to success, too!

What drove Specialist Giunta to overcome fear in his situation?  It was his gut feeling about the consequences if he didn’t take action.

His reasons why he must act were much more powerful than his reasons to hunker down in safety and watch his teammates die before his very eyes!

You have to conjure up the same gut feelings about why you want to achieve your success, as you have defined it.

The Solution…

For everything you want to be, do or have, list all the reasons why you want those things.

Right next to that list build another list of the barriers (including fear) that could stop you from achieving those things.

 Ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. Are my reasons why gut-level enough to overcome all the barriers (including fear) to what I want?
  2. What is my plan for achieving those things where I have strong, gut-level reasons why I want them?
  3. What actions will I take to achieve my success and by when?

Achieving your success by following the above suggestions may not result in a Congressional Medal of Honor but you will demonstrate the mettle necessary to overcoming barriers including the ultimate one:  fear.fear-617131_1920

How have you overcome fear in the past?  How could that method apply to achieving your desires for success?

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