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Actually Have a Vision Then Go Absolutely Blind

Stevie Wonder said:  “Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision.”

Think about what he said in the context of how he has leveraged his unique talents!

Forget he writes music and can sing with the best of them!  Focus on his incredible skills at playing keyboard instruments.

He has developed those skills to the highest level because he has a powerful mental picture (vision) of every keyboard he plays.  He’s blind but he has vision!plaque-551789_1920

Would you like to apply your unique talent/skills at the highest level so you can achieve all you can be, do or have?

If Stevie Wonder can do it, so can you.

The answer for you is in having a powerful mental picture (vision) of what you want.  Then, like Stevie Wonder be blind to everything around you and stay focused on your vision.

How to Stay Focused and Realize Your Vision

Know Why

I said in the description of this article:  If you can’t see it you can’t be it!

Well, the first thing to seeing anything is understanding the most compelling reasons why you want to see it.  In other words, you won’t sustain any vision for an extended period of time, if you don’t have a reason to sustain it.

Can you imagine how hard it was for Stevie Wonder to sustain his vision that resulted in him becoming a musical icon?

piano-233715_1280Talk about a struggle!  Creating music on any keyboard instrument is difficult even when you can see the keyboard.  Imagine how lost he was the first time he tried to play the piano?

The only way he could sustain his efforts to improve was to have a deep, abiding love for creating music.  He knew why he wanted to do it and he did it.

The same is true for you.  Your vision must be accompanied by a deep, abiding love for achieving it.

See Challenges as Opportunities

Nothing of lasting value has ever been achieved through thinking negatively.

Sure you can have doubts and get down on yourself from time to time but, ultimately, you must put a positive spin on things.

Challenges to reaching your vision are part of the price for reaching it.

Think like Stevie Wonder.  Face the challenges of playing the keyboard of your life and keep at it until your vision happens!

He was blind but he could see where he wanted to go and why he wanted to go there.  You literally have to do the same thing.

Actively Manage Your Actions

Too often, you, like far too many other people, may give a knee-jerk reaction to something.

Reaction is defined as:  A feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.

Action is defined as:  The process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

See the difference?  One is a feeling in response to something.  The other is a process of doing something.

No vision will be realized because you respond to something.  It will be realized because you actively do something!

Failures Offer Lessons

It has been said:  “Life is the hardest teacher because it gives the test first and the lesson after.”

Failures are the tests of life that can make it hard.  BUT, failures are only hard if you allow them to be a permanent result.metaphor-1209691_1920

Rationally reframe each failure so you can gain the lesson of why it happened.  Then, change your approach to achieving your vision and move on.  In short, be blind to failure being your permanent condition!

Be Realistic about the Risks

Blind optimism is not my point in making the above suggestions.

When facing the challenges that will inevitably occur on the way to your vision, weigh the risks inherent in each challenge.

Consider each in light of their true reality.  Do that by determining what is the worst thing that could happen if you ignored those risks.  Is it more risk or reward?

If you determine there is more reward, proceed toward your vision.

If it is more risk, develop a plan to overcome/mitigate the risks and then move forward toward your vision.

The above 5 suggestions offer you the opportunity to actually have a vision then go absolutely blind so you can achieve it.

Stevie Wonder did and you can too!

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat is the simplest first step you could take in blindly pursuing your vision?

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