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Interesting word, adjustments.  There are two definitions of the word that are applicable here.  One is “a minor change.”  The other definition is “the action of adjusting.”  My objective is to adjust your thinking about the importance of making adjustments in your life.  Your ability to take the action of adjusting to minor change in your life is the engine that will drive your degree of success.

Now, I know.  We all do it.  We get into a routine; a comfort zone; a pattern of doing things that fits like an old shoe.  The problem is the resulting complacency can very definitely limit one’s potential.  We don’t stretch but curl up in comfort.  Life is supposed to be a series of discomforts that drive us to do the things necessary to keep reaching!

You have to make adjustments!  Your surroundings or circumstances will inevitably change.  If you don’t make internal adjustments that are congruent with your external circumstances, it is impossible to be truly healthy and happy.

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