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Ajar or Closed?

We can define our outlook on life in many different ways.  The key is for each of us to know what our outlook is and then deal with it accordingly.  Study after study would confirm the key to a full and successful life is being able to look at ourselves in the mirror of our lives with brutal honesty.  With that honesty comes the momentum for introducing changes that will create a better life, if need be.

So, is the door to the mirror of your life ajar?  In other words, are you open to all of the opportunities that life presents each of us?  When you look in the mirror do you see a person with an “open” expression that basically says bring it all on?

Or, is the door to the mirror of your life closed and maybe even locked?  Are you the kind that doesn’t want to face the truth about yourself so you can define how you can change for the better?  Is a “closed” state of mind safe for you?  When you look in the mirror do you avoid eye contact with yourself because such contact would make you face the truth about your narrow perspective and attitude?

When the door to eternity closes behind you, there is no mirror on the other side that can help you reflect and change your past.  The door of eternity is permanently closed when your life in this world ends.  Make sure that your attitude on this side of that door is one of being “ajar.”  You’re “ajar” to all your opportunities in life by being willing to open your mind to the possibilities of those opportunities.

Having a closed minded attitude, narrows your options in life.  It creates a mirror image of misery.  Open your door and live the mirror image of a person enjoying a life of fulfillment and abundance.  This is your only chance as far as we really know for sure.

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