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Alert! The Success Scam to Absolutely Avoid

Consider the importance of understanding the difference between illusion and delusion as those words relate to living a successful life and avoiding scamming yourself, in that regard.

The Oxford Dictionary defines illusion as meaning: “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.”

Consider the image at the beginning of this article—per the above definition, the picture can leave you with the illusion of a waterfall in the middle of a bridge.  The painting on the surface is “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.”

If you were walking on that bridge you could be “deluded” into skirting the waterfalls by walking around that area of the painting on the surface of the bridge.

The Oxford Dictionary defines delusion as meaning:  “an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality.”

The reality on that bridge is there is no waterfall or any danger of falling over those falls.  You could walk anywhere on the surface of that bridge and be perfectly safe!

What seems so real when you first look at the surface of the bridge is not reality at all.

You can choose to delude yourself in much the same way as that painting on the bridge could be deluding.

The fact is you can become so adept at tricking yourself into believing the unbelievable as to your level of success in life that you can’t believe it?  That sentence may seem confusing but think about it for a moment and its message should become clear!   :<)

The following video delves into the above thought on a little deeper level.

The take away for you from both the video and the references to the differences between the concepts of an illusion or delusion is this:

  1. Creating an illusion in your mind of you achieving success before actually doing so is a well-documented approach.
    1. It’s called visualization and the idea works to create desirable outcomes in all walks of life.
    2. Here is a link to a short article reinforcing why creating the illusion of success in your mind while still pursuing it is effective.
  2. Deluding yourself on the basis of “an idiosyncratic belief” will lead to disappointment and, ultimately failure.
    1. Choose to face the facts not accept falsehoods.
    2. Be true to yourself in all things and you can have all things you desire.
    3. A key point made in an article entitled, Secrets to Achieving Success, is “Know just what you are.”
      1. AKA—Be true to yourself!

garylogonewbrownsmallSo…to avoid the scam of deluding yourself regarding your success, what steps will you take?

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