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All Said

You’ve said it before, right?  “Talk is cheap!”  When you said it you really meant it.  However, when you said it you were probably referring to someone else.  God forbid…not yourself!

Well, let’s reflect on that idea for a moment.  You see, too often, when it’s all said nothing gets done.  You were right!  Talk is cheap.  On the other hand, to give that talk some value you have to get something related to your talk…done!

“Done” is the deal when it comes to moving ahead in your life.  You can talk about getting something done until you’re literally blue in the face but that talk won’t get it done.  You must take an action or actions.

Now, here’s the challenge…getting yourself motivated to move rather than talk.  Talking helps you maintain the inertia associated with lack of progress.  It makes you feel like you’re doing something positive toward your goals just because you’re talking about them in some way.

Think about it!  When you act you do.  When you just talk you don’t do.  Here’s what to do:

Instead of just aimlessly talking about what you’re going to do, focus that talking on verbalizing the passionate reason why you’re going to do what it is you want done.  When you talk with passion, you find your purpose.  When you find your purpose, you engage your potential.  When you strive for your potential, you become more of what you can be.

That’s it…when it’s all said.

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