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All Wet

b2ap3_thumbnail_MC910217055There is such a comment that can be made.  It usually comes in the form of something like this:  Oh…he’s all wet!  The insinuation being that the person so labeled is not credible.  However, as I understand it, the phrase was born back in the days when the debate raged about Prohibition.  In that context, the phrase defined a person who was in favor of allowing the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages.  In general, then the concept of “all wet” seemed to carry with it negative connotations no matter how you looked at it.

So, now that we know the origin of the phrase the question may be why should we care in this day and age?  Well, for my purposes in this post, I want to illustrate the importance of your perception regarding your attitude and ultimate potential to achieve your dreams and goals.

Let’s put it in this context.  The idea of being soaked to the bone (all wet) while walking outdoors could be another way of thinking regarding the barriers between you and your goals.  That soggy, miserable state of mind related to feeling soaked to the bone is a drag on your potential.  It makes the walk a heavy, negative experience.

On the other hand, if during that same walk you took the attitude of enjoying the feeling of the rain, you are in a whole new state of mind.  You’re enjoying the wonder of nature and the life-giving nature of rainfall.  Your mindset is not one of being all wet.  It’s one of accepting the circumstances and making the best of them.  It’s with that kind of mindset that you are able to reach your true potential in this life.

Now, tell me…am I all wet about that?

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