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Allow Your Life to Dynamically Flow Not to Miserably Ebb

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401361_20140527-175750_1You know that feeling in your gut when things don’t feel right?  You feel almost queasy but it’s not from what you ate or drank.  It is caused from what you are allowing your mind to feed you.  Your thoughts can be a glistening and steady stream of anticipation, hope, love of family, career progress, and physical well-being.  On the other hand your thoughts can be a tumultuous cataract of jumbling discord and anxiety.

The former stream of thoughts creates a gentle yet exhilarating and dynamic flow along the stream of life.  The latter thoughts throw you into a frenzied, frantic fall to the rocks at the bottom of the cataract.  As a consequence of those frenzied thoughts when you hit the bottom your enthusiasm for life ebbs away.  Which do you want it to be for you?

I can’t imagine you want your enthusiasm for life to miserably ebb away in a giant waterfall of lousy thinking!  Here are a couple of thoughts on how you can avoid such a disaster.  You stay in the gentle yet exhilarating flow of your life by consciously paying attention to the four aspects of it.  Those aspects, if ignored, can cause ripples at the least and a rocky waterfall at the worst.  Those four aspects of your life are family/friends, career, physical/mental health, and spiritual.

You figure out their order of priority in the stream of your life.  Just know that you must create an equal flow in the current of each aspect if you are to have a dynamic and steady flow to your life.  Over emphasizing the current in any one aspect of your stream and the ripples created will grow to a cataract of discord and frenzy.

Don’t allow your life to ebb in misery through creating a cataract of discord and anxiety.  In all aspects of and at all times during your life think thoughts of balance.

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