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Always Tell the Truth Is Not Always a Truth

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900430507It seems so logical!  If one always tells the truth, it simplifies one’s life.  One doesn’t have to proceed through life looking over her or his shoulder wondering when others are going to realize the lies one may have told.  It seems so much easier to not have to lie to cover up a previous lie because the truth is always told.

Normally, I resist using profanity in my blog posts because it can be offensive to some people and my goal is to help all people.  That said, as it relates to the idea of always telling the truth…Bullshit!!!

Yes, telling the truth has its benefits but in too many situations it can be too hurtful to be productive.  The truth withheld in those situations is not living a lie.  It is living with the reality that the consequences of telling the truth are more negative than withholding the truth.  Discretion in many very emotional situations is usually less destructive than telling the truth.

Be vigilant in your drive to always be truthful.

In truly ethical or legal issues, telling the truth is always a truth.  In emotional or personal relationships, discretionary truth is the only truth.  Trust me…that’s the truth!  I speak from a “been there, done that” mentality and it’s been a hard lesson to learn over my lifetime…truth be told!

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