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An Addictive Attitude Is Predictive Attitude

b2ap3_thumbnail_success-70193_640We just finished bingeing on several episodes of Nurse Jackie.  By the way, if you haven’t seen it, the script writing is superb and the acting is outstanding.  But, my real point is poor Nurse Jackie is so addicted to various forms of drugs predictably she is driven to destroy her personal relationships and her life.  All of this tragedy with the reality that she is an outstanding nurse and totally dedicated to helping others in that regard.  However, even her professional dedication can’t mitigate her deceptive and very hurtful practices in an attempt to satisfy her drug addiction.  Like I suggested…very predictable.

Nurse Jackie’s story clearly paints the picture of a negatively addictive attitude.  A strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble) creates disaster in anyone’s life.  Success, in the positive sense of that word, is absolutely impossible.

However, there is another side to the concept of addition.  That side takes a more positive slant because it suggests an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something.  It is exactly the way you must think if you are going to maximize your chance to succeed at any level.  Either attitude is predictive of what actions you will take.

Success requires four things:  A deeply emotional vision; a plan to achieve the vision; acting on the plan; and adapting as circumstances change.  Let’s look at how you establish an addictive attitude toward each of the requirements of success so you can accurately predict it.

First, a vision that is born in your emotional core is a vision that becomes addictive.  You can’t resist it…you must realize such a vision.  A vision with emotional depth is a vision of absolute clarity.  Clarity of your vision drives you to the second factor in succeeding.

I’ve made this observation before in my blog but here goes again.  Around and around you go and where you stop you better know.  What I’m suggesting with that observation is you must have a plan for acting on your vision.  A vision can’t be realized without having a clear direction as to how to get there…a plan.

Of course, a plan gives you specifics as to the actions you must take to achieve the vision.  A plan makes those actions predictable.  Furthermore given the emotion tied to your vision completing the actions becomes addictive.

Finally, regardless of the power of your vision; the clarity of your plan; and your dedicated actions; things always change.  The best laid plans will be impacted by changing realities as you proceed along the path of the plan.  Having a myopically additive attitude toward completing your plan as originally designed will throw your results over to the negative side of things.  You must be adaptable even in the face of your addiction to succeeding.

So, create an addictive attitude toward your success that becomes a predictive attitude of your success by following the above four factors to success.

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