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An Eye For

So, you think revenge or retribution is a good way to react to adversity and the slights of other people.  Well, get over it!  Such thinking can only result in negative outcomes and totally wasted effort.  Life’s too short for negativity and waste.

If you’re always thinking “an eye for an eye” in every circumstance where someone has hurt or offended you, you’ll probably end up more hurt and more offended. If you have an eye for the negative, you will be unable to see the positive.  Looking for understanding and cooperation will always add up to quicker and more positive results.

Rather than giving into your negative feelings stop and think for just a few seconds.  Allow the heat of the moment to pass and the coolness of your rational thinking will point to an entirely different approach to the situation.  Cool gets positive results and negative gets nothing.

Develop an eye for thinking past the hurt and seeing the big picture not just the snapshot of the moment.

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