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Anxiety and Conflict vs. Peace of Mind

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0433011_20130902-183227_1What a phrase!  We hear it so frequently.  It sounds so; well, peaceful in this turbulent world.  Question:  What is it and is it possible?  Next question:  Is it something for which you should strive?

Let’s take things in what might be a logical order to get to the bottom of the whole topic.  First, consider what peace of mind is.  Makes sense to me to come up with a definition for it which should provide a foundation for understanding what peace of mind is.  The concept of peace of mind, to me, is simply a microcosm of the broader concept of peace in the world around you.  If the world at large is free from anxiety and conflict, it seems to me to be at peace.  And, so it is with your mind.  If your mind is experiencing the absence of mental stress or anxiety, you have achieved peace of mind.  A sound pretty good, doesn’t it?

Let’s explore another part of the first question I posed in the previous paragraph…is peace of mind possible?  I would argue that having complete absence of mental stress or anxiety would be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.  A key reason I feel that way is because some of what might give you mental stress or anxiety is completely out of your control.  You can’t control the ups and downs in the financial markets, for example.  Yet, those same markets can be a significant source of mental stress or anxiety when it comes to you trying to get a good return on your investments while protecting the underlying value of those investments.

On the other hand, there are significant aspects of your life over which you have direct control.  It is those elements of your life where you have the chance to impact them in such a way as to give you peace of mind.  Example:  The attitude you choose to assume each day.  A negative attitude about your day is never going to lead you to peace of mind.  A negative attitude and peace of mind are mutually exclusive!  Using this same example, however, a positive frame of mind will definitely lead you in the direction of less mental stress and anxiety.

You tell me!  Is peace of mind regarding those things over which you have control something for which you should strive?  Well, what would you rather feel…Mental stress and anxiety in every aspect of your life or no mental stress and anxiety regarding those things over which you exercise control?

Your peace of mind depends on your answer!

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