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Any and All

Sometimes I find people think some time is enough time.  They have this misplaced sense that if they do something once in awhile it will lead them to where they want to go.  Contrast that thinking to world class achievement on any level be that athletics, show business, business, personal development…whatever.  World class achievers don’t do what they do just some times.  They practice and apply their fundamentals consistently over time.  They maintain the beat, if you will, always!

Let’s look at my point slightly differently.  To do so let’s build the discussion around two words:  any and all.

If you think you can get to where you want to go in life anytime, you will be disappointed for all time.  You have to convert your thinking in the immediate and present time!  Now, in other words!  Think this way.  You don’t have any time to waste time.  In fact, you have to apply yourself to the fundamentals for achieving what you want all of the time at anytime not just sometime.

Time out!

Times up!  Go do what you have to do all of the time.  You will have the best of time.

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