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Any Destination Requires You to Choose One Road for the Journey

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0180559_20140527-175131_1My favorite poem is by Robert Frost.  The poem?  The Road Not Taken.  It is a beautiful verse musing about the realities of the choices we have to make in life.  Frost makes a couple of critical observations that are relative to wherever you currently are in your life.

His first observation is when you come to a fork in the road you must take only one.  Let’s face it your physical being and limitations would dictate that fact!  At the moment you make the decision as to which fork to take you can be filled with doubts.  You can also wonder what would have happened had you taken the other fork.  Interesting thoughts but not Frost’s most important thought stated in the poem.

His major point is your choice should be the road “less traveled by.”  He would contend “And that has made all the difference.”  In my view, his point reinforces my belief that you should choose to blaze a new trail not follow someone else’s path in life.

Certainly, it is important and valuable to learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you.  However, duplicating what they learned isn’t the point of the learning.  The learning from others should be to allow you to see a different path…a path “less traveled by.”  Making that choice makes you more fulfilled and gives those who follow you a unique view of the path they can take in their lives.

Your destination in life requires you to choose only one road for making the journey.  Choose well because it will make “all the difference.”  For the complete poem go to, The Road Not Taken.

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