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Apology Excepted

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0386801Yes…I know!  You’re thinking I’m an idiot for misusing a word in the title of this post.  Well, actually the title is exactly the idea I wanted to convey.

Too many people spend too much of their lives apologizing for themselves and/or their achievements.  They have this insecurity that drives them to believe other people think less of them and so there should be an apology to acknowledge that.

I take exception to that kind of thinking.  I don’t care who you are the reality is you’re a human being that has worth.  You never have to apologize for that simple fact.  You are who you are and that adds value for all the rest of us.

Is that a serendipitous way for me to think?  I don’t think so…a simple example.  Take the worst thing one human being can do to another or to society, in general.  Even that person has value in the sense that s/he teaches us how to effectively deal with whatever they did to the rest of us.  If we hadn’t had the experience, we would not have gained that broader base of understanding and knowledge to help live our lives on a different level and avoid such circumstances in the future.

Don’t apologize except when you have done something wrong and something wrong isn’t you!

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