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Apology Not Necessary

My post today has to do with a quirk many of us exhibit when receiving a compliment of one sort or another.  You’ve either been there personally or seen someone else act in the manner I’m about to describe.  See if this description doesn’t resonate with you.

You’re engaged in a conversation in either a business or social setting.  Four or five people are discussing the days events or whatever.  All of sudden a point is made that clearly defines what a great job was done by someone in the group or how they accomplished some amazing feat…it could be praise for almost anything.  Anyway, the recipient goes into an “ahh shucks mode.”  They look down or away from the members of the group and a slight (or major) flush comes to their cheeks.  It’s apparent to everybody the person receiving the accolade is very uncomfortable and then that person says something like:  “Oh, it was nothing.” Or, “Heck, anybody could do that.” Or my pet peeve, “It was nothing.  I just got lucky.”

My question is, why do people act that way when receiving a compliment or accolade of some sort?  People like to give other people recognition and their intent is not to embarrass someone.  When that is the reaction the person or people giving the recognition feel badly.  It takes away from the quality of the moment for everyone included in the discussion.

Whenever you are in a situation where you are receiving some sort of recognition train yourself to feel that an apology is not necessary.  Acknowledge the recognition with a heartfelt expression of thanks.  Something like…”Thank you.”  Let your thank you be a thank you and nothing more.  Don’t feel you have to add anything else.  Be humble and thankful…period.  Again, an apology is not necessary!

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