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Are You Lacking?

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0422224_20130402-202238_1Whoa!  That seems to be a rather challenging question.  Well, I really don’t mean to be disrespectful.  My purpose is more about getting your attention and stimulating your thinking so you can focus on all you can be.

The question in the title resulted from my running across a particular word in my reading recently.  The word is a great, big, fancy one with a punching, penetrating definition.  Are you lacking in knowing to which word I refer?  Of course you are because there are thousands of words out there with those characteristics.

So…let’s reveal the word and its definition and then make my point.  The word is pusillanimous!  I told you it was a great, big fancy one!  By the way, the pronunciation of it is:  pyoo-suh-LAN-uh-muhs .  On the other hand neither one of us will ever say the word again, probably, so who cares how to pronounce it!!

That said, however, its definition smacks you right in the face and tends to penetrate right to your soul.  If you see yourself living the definition, then the word’s definition hits you that much harder.  The definition is:  “Lacking in courage and resolution; contemptibly fearful; cowardly.

Yikes!  See what I mean?  Are you lacking in courage and resolution?  If so, do something…anything… to overcome those characteristics.  A first step might be to write your life’s story and then go back through it and highlight all the times you exhibited courage and resolution.  Learn from the circumstances around those situations and project the new knowledge toward achieving courage and resolution in your future.

Are you contemptibly fearful or even cowardly?  Don’t accept the fear…fight it with your new found courage and resolution.  When you overcome your fears, your sense of being cowardly will explode into a series of heroic actions that will lead you out of your despair.

Are you lacking?  Absolutely not because you’re a human being with all the potential that goes with it!

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