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Are You Ready for Some Mothballs

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900423057You’ve seen them if not smelled the pesky little devils.  They are those marble-sized balls of naphthalene that are used with stored clothing to repel moths from chowing down.  As I understand it naphthalene itself is a highly flammable organic material so I don’t know why anyone would use it to protect stored items.  Talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!

On the other hand, the concept of mothballing or being mothballed has an interesting side to it.  The terms refer to the condition of storing something for possible future use.  In another way, you could say the concept relates to something being set aside or shelved.

Now here’s the point…are you ready for some mothballs to be wrapped up with you as you are set aside or shelved.  It can happen you know!  One way it happens is by you becoming complacent with your level of knowledge or skills.  You’ve reached a certain plateau and you’re just fine with that.  Well, get ready for some mothballs!

Neither organizations nor people want to be brought to stagnation through whom they associate.  If you’re seen as someone who would drag them down they will push you aside in a heartbeat.  They will not see you as something to be shelved for possible future use.  No, they will look for ways to eject you from their world completely.

You must continue to grow throughout your life or you will be mothballed into eternity even before your physical death.  Don’t ever be ready for that! Everyday discipline yourself to learn some new piece of knowledge or a new skill.

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