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Are You There Yet?

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0438355_20121219-210802_1Remember when you were a kid and on an automobile road trip that seemed to go on forever.  At every bend in the road, you would strain to, hopefully, see the anticipated destination.  It could have been Grandma’s house, the amusement park or whatever.  The point is the trip was incessant…it went on forever!

Finally, and repeatedly, you asked the dreaded question.  Are we there yet?  The response upon having asked the question the first time was a kindly: No, Honey, just a little longer.  The parental responses grew louder and louder each time you repeated the question until finally the ultimate response was yelled at you:  Sit down, put your seatbelt back on and shut up!  We’ll tell you when we get there!

Aah…the warm memories from the good ole’ days.

Well, these aren’t the good ole’ days.  These are the “todays.”  They’re the best of days, if you choose to make them so.  The key is in how you respond to each day.  If you mope and look down, you can’t see a bright end to the day.  If you smile and look up, you’ll see the higher opportunities of the day that await you.

You won’t have to ask the question, Are we there yet?  You’ll know that you aren’t there yet.  The point is, if you always look up, you will know that there is someone or something higher than you…call that opportunity!

Now, you’re getting there.

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