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Here you sit…it’s a new day and you’re wondering what to do with it.  Sorry…but, if you’re at the beginning of a new day and still wondering what to do with it, you’ve already lost it.  Your aspirations in life can’t be realized through looking in a rear view mirror.  If you truly aspire to achieve something you have to be forward thinking and do something!

Everyday should end with you reflecting on what you accomplished that day toward fulfilling your aspirations in life.  Through that reflection you can see a clear picture of what you should do tomorrow to move forward.  From that picture create your plan of action for the next day.  Operative word in that last sentence:  ACTION!

The word, aspiration, is defined one way as “a hope or ambition.”  In other words, by definition an aspiration is something that you hope for or have an ambition toward in the future.  Picking up on the point of my last paragraph, if you hope to realize your aspirations, you must turn your ambitions into actions.

All of that is to say, aspire each and every day to take more action than reflection.  Yes, spend some time at the end of each day in reflection on your day’s accomplishments but use what your learn to kick yourself into action.

When aspirations continue to be only a hope, your disappointment will only leave you to mope!

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