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Average Isn’t High

There’s an overused truism, “Your altitude is a direct result of your attitude.”  Good thought but I’m looking at it a little differently in this post.

I”m  looking at it in the context of another truism, “Average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best.”  In other words, average will not take you to a high level of success.  Success, however you personally define it, will require you to do certain things in an above average way.  Success is not the average…it’s the high point in whatever you do.

Name one person who stands as a monument to progress or achievement who was average.  You can’t do it.  Yes, thousands of ordinary people have accomplished extraordinary things but that happened because they did something at a very high level.  It did not happen because they were average.  It happened because they went beyond average.

If you seek to be average, don’t expect above average results in your life.  By it’s very definition “high” achievement is above average.  One definition of the word, high, states:  “large in amount, value, size or intensity.”  There’s no average in that definition.

Be above average to live the high life!

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