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Baggage Handler

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900386098You know those folks that work so hard at the airports or hotels.  They move tons of baggage from here to there for, in too many cases, very little recognition and almost certainly low pay.  What would we do without them, however?  If we had to do without them, I think the world of travel, for whatever purpose would come to a standstill.  The whole system would backup with tons of baggage stopping all progress.

Sounds like a grim outcome, doesn’t it?  Well, let’s bring that picture and its outcome a little closer to home.

You see, your life and the progress you make in it are directly impacted by your effectiveness as a baggage handler.  No…I’m not talking about your suitcases when you’re traveling.  I’m talking about much more weighty baggage.  It’s baggage that absolutely drags you down as you try to drag it along through your life.  One of your most important responsibilities in your life is to handle your baggage as needed not accumulate it and let it drag you down.

Think of yourself and your baggage using another metaphor.  Everyday people become frustrated with the slow processing speed of their computers.  It’s a fact…even the fastest of new computers will be slowed over time by an accumulation of the baggage of excess, unnecessary files that build up through the use of the computer.  What do you do in that case?  Well, you dump the offending files and start over.

And, so it is with the baggage of your life.  Learn to travel light.  Dump the baggage of your past before it begins to accumulate.  That’s how baggage handlers avoid the backup of tons of baggage…they dump the bags on the conveyor belt so others can claim it.  Dump your baggage on the conveyor belt of your life and let others claim it, too.

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