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Bait and Switch

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0402034So, you think you’re pretty clever, huh?  People are always probing wanting to know more and so you tell them.  Or, so they think.  But, you know better.  You know you are a master of disguise.  You lead them into thinking one thing through the “bait” of information you throw at them.  But, in fact the bait is a “switch” to help lead them down a dead-end path of some kind.

Along that line of thinking, for you it has become extremely important not to reveal to other people who you really are.  You are convinced it would be entirely too risky to engage so deeply with other people that, in a way, you become soul mates.  So much is known about each other that you become an open book.

No way!  You say to yourself.  Can’t do it!  Won’t do it!  So you don’t.

The way you don’t is the main point, here.  Your bait and switch approach to not revealing too much of yourself is by talking incessantly about yourself.  You give so much information that people can’t tell what is fact and what is fiction.  You like that…it’s safe.

Here’s the problem.  Doing that leads you to bait and switch yourself into a much less than full life.  The fact is the deeper your relationships become…the greater the depth of your life.

When it comes to who you really are, don’t bait and switch other people.  Listen more to who they are and it will tell volumes about who you are!

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