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Balance Results in Equilibrium on the Seesaw of Life

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0386303Remember when you were learning how to ride your first bike or roller/ice skates.  If you are like most of us, it wasn’t a pretty sight.  Bike going one way you the other and you wondered if you would ever get the hang of it.  Learning to skate was just as calamitous!  Your body contorted in ways you never imagined as you tried to maintain your balance but the inevitable seemed to always happen.  Down you would go in a tangled pile of limbs and body.  Painful?  You bet!  Permanent damage?  Hopefully not!

Anyway, you finally figured it out and developed the skills that now allow you to jump on a bike or a pair of skates and immediately reestablish balance and move successfully.  You wonder why it ever was so hard!

Funny thing happened on your way to learning to balance on your bike or skates.  As you stayed with learning each skill, you may not have realized you were also learning the skill of balancing while on the seesaw of life.  In your life, you can have just as calamitous of falls, if you don’t maintain your equilibrium.  The fact is staying balanced on the seesaw of life is analogous to staying balanced on a bike or skates.

It takes managing all aspects of the task at all times and at the same time.   Talk about multitasking!   For example, let’s take learning how to ride a bike.  You have to become familiar with all the characteristics of the bicycle and how they work together to give you a successful ride.  In life, you have to do the same thing.  Characteristics of life, or aspects if you will, that have to be balanced for a successful ride are things like, knowledge, skills, family, work, physical health, and spiritual well-being.  Create an imbalance in any one of those aspects of your life over the others and you begin to teeter out of equilibrium.  Just like riding a bike you have to manage all aspects at one time and in perfect balance so you can stay in equilibrium as the seesaw of life events goes up and down.

Balance in your life is the key to the equilibrium otherwise known as peace of mind.

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