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Be Forgetful

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900422581Okay…I know the title of this post sounds a little threatening.  This is especially the case given the growing prevalence of various diseases robbing people of their memories.  Tragic doesn’t even begin to describe the circumstances for those most terribly affected by these forms of dementia.

Relax, however.  I’m not even remotely going down that road.  My point is if you truly want to achieve the most you possibly can during your life, you must forget much of what happens in your life.  You gain nothing, for instance, in dwelling on past mistakes.  Worse yet in hindering your progress in life is dwelling on past failures!  In short, forget negativity in all its forms.

Furthermore, forget dwelling on some hope that someone is going to touch you in some way that all of a sudden turns on your motivation.  Motivation is never external and, by default, always internal.  Now, you might argue that last point but let me make a related point.  Seldom, if ever, does an external source of motivation drive you over an extended period of time.  However, if it is your heart and soul that is the source of your motivation, then your drive becomes unending.

And, oh by the way, forget thinking you have to be some kind of gifted genius in order to achieve great success.  Success is born of your dedication to putting forth the necessary effort not your physical or intellectual strength.

Seems contradictory to the title of this post but don’t forget any of these points!

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