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Be Regrateful

know!  There’s no such word as “regrateful.”  At least, I couldn’t find it in any dictionary.  Oh, but there is the word, regretful.  Could it be I’m playing with a play on words or, maybe in this case, syllables of words?  No matter…let’s just say I’ve coined a new word and go from there.

What I hope you will gain by thinking about and acting on what you read here is a realization of the importance of putting more focus on what you have rather than what you haven’t.  We can get so caught up in our desires for more that we don’t appreciate what we have which can seem so much less.  However, that’s only if we don’t appreciate more when we have less.

Re-energize yourself to focus more on what you have.  Realize how lucky your are.  Refocus on the benefits of what you have.    Rethink your obsession with more.  Re-examine your motives for wanting more.  Renew your appreciation for it all.  Return to a mentality of being grateful for what you have.

In short,  vow to be “regrateful”  for all your good fortune and not regretful of what might have been.

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