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Be Safe

As the year, 2010, draws to a close, many of us begin to reflect on what we have accomplished and how we have dealt with the adversities the year has brought.  That’s a valuable activity but only as a quick point of reference.  Your experiences of the past year can give you a foundation from which to launch yourself into the new year but that’s about it.

Life is all about staying in the moment but with respect for the past and great anticipation for the future.  When thinking about what you want to accomplish in your future, be safe when making your plans.  When I say, be safe, I’m referring to how you go about establishing your direction for the new year and beyond.

May I suggest the safest way to plan is through having deep faith in your own judgement?  In other words, don’t be overly influenced by the opinions of others as to what you should be doing, etc.  They have their own agenda and you can’t have as much faith in their motives as you can your own.

Trust your gut and go with it and you will probably be safe.  Here’s a gut tapping tool to help you.

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