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Be The Light

b2ap3_thumbnail_00402206Well, here we are…at the end of another year.  Or, should I say, at the beginning of a new year?  I guess it depends on whether you think “half-empty” or “half-full.”  One thing for sure remains true regardless of how you think.  You have a purpose!

Surprise!  Surprise!  Yes, even you have a purpose.  You have value!  You make a contribution to the rest of the world just by your very presence.  People aren’t junk so you’re not junk.  I know…there are some evil people out there who might be considered junk.  On the other hand, your purpose should be greater than judging them.

Rather, life is a series of steps not missteps.  With each step you take, you shed new light for everybody around you.  There’s your purpose!  Be the light in the window of the world that welcomes people to a new vision of things as they are and as they can be.  A new year offers you an amazing opportunity in that regard.

Take your first step and the rest of us will too.  Shine brightly and Happy New Year!

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