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Beauty and Strength

Two wonderful words in the title of this post.  Each in its own way suggests something very desirable.  I mean it takes work to put either in a negative context, really.  I know…it can be done…but, work with me here!

I think you have to consider each word for what their meaning is.  For beauty a couple of dictionary definitions are:  “a combination of qualities that delights the senses;”  “an excellent example;”  or, another would be “an attractive feature or advantage.”  Sounds pretty good, don’t they?

For strength a couple of definitions are:  “the quality of being strong;”  “a good or useful quality;”  “the number of people making up a group.”

Let’s put it all together so you can see what it takes for you to demonstrate beauty and strength in all aspects of your life.

The number of people making up a group that admires your beauty and strength is proportional to your ability to demonstrate good or useful qualities that includes the quality of being strong.  Also, the number of that group will grow as you grow in providing an excellent example of a combination of qualities that delights their senses.  In those circumstances, you would clearly be demonstrating attractive features that gives you a major advantage in living a life of your dreams.

There’s beauty and strength in you seriously considering these thoughts.

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