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You’ve heard the comment.  “Beauty is only skin deep.”  Oh?  I beg to differ when it comes to certain people and how they think about themselves and the world around them.

Sure there are some beautiful hunks of human flesh out there.  They can truly be stunning!  They also can be no deeper than the beauty of their external appearance.  Is that what beauty is?

I think not.  I think it’s more like the sacrifices people make on behalf of their fellow human beings; the giving to others with no expectation of a return; the cherishing of human relationships beyond all else.  How beautiful is that!

As time inevitably marches on for each of us the skin begins to shrivel and the youthful beauty begins to fade.  The facade of beauty begins to crumble and the only thing left standing is what’s inside.  Beauty inside leaves a legacy.  Beauty only outside leaves a misty and distant memory.

Choose a beautiful legacy not a faded memory.

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