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Begin It To Win It

Lyrical little title to this post, don’t you think?  Yes, I’m pleased with it.  Hopefully, you will be pleased with it when you understand the message behind it.  But, to find out you have to begin it to win it…literally.

Think about this.  So many times in life we wish for this or dream about that and that is as far as it goes!  There’s a great old quote directly related to that point.  “Wishing consumes as much energy as planning.”  In short, if you want something you have to act.

Whatever you can imagine you can have if you want it bad enough.  There’s the problem.  Too many people don’t truly want it bad enough, regardless of whatever “it” is.  If you want something good to happen, you have to feel it bad to get it.  By that I mean, your drive is so bad you can’t help but get the good!

It is that deep feeling of wanting something so badly that will drive your sense of boldness to go get it.  There’s a key point.  You must feel a bold sense of yourself if you are to begin your journey to getting whatever it is that you want.

In summary, you must be bold to begin so you can ultimately achieve that which you want to win.

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