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Being on Target Requires Being on Track

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0433179There is nothing worse than finally taking some kind of action toward a desired goal and then totally missing the target.  It’s definitely better to set yourself up to hit the bull’s-eye in your efforts toward achieving success.  The larger issue is too many people don’t want to take the time to properly prepare for achieving success.  I’m reminded of something the basketball coach, Bobby Knight, said:  “The will to succeed is important but what is even more important is the will to prepare.”

So, let’s compare the steps to achieving success, in general, with those necessary to hit the bull’s-eye in archery.  The popularity of “The Hunger Games” series of movies made me choose archery as the metaphor to illustrate how to achieve success.  You see…there is some logic to the method in what may seem like my madness!  Regardless, the step-by-step of successful target shooting with a bow and arrow serves as an excellent outline for achieving success at anything.

The steps to a successful shot with a bow and arrow are stance & posture; nock (finger & hand placement); hook string and place bow hand; set up (extending the bow arm); drawing the bow; anchoring; load transfer, then hold; aim; release; follow through.  I’ll give you a link to a website that explains these steps for archery later in this post.

The first two steps of archery (stance & posture and nocking the arrow) are similar to the idea of getting yourself into a mindset for success.  You can’t succeed if you don’t have your thinking positioned positively and with specific focus on the task at hand.

Archery’s next three steps (hook string and place bow hand; set up; and drawing the bow) are very much like readying yourself for building a good plan for achieving success.  You can’t do that if you have not given consideration to your strengths, weaknesses, problems and opportunities concerning your current situation.

We’re moving toward actually taking a shot at the target of your planning…your bull’s-eye or goal.  In archery this involves the next three steps (anchoring; load transfer, then hold; and aim).  For you in your success planning those three steps in archery can be compared to building very specific action steps that must be taken.  Before hitting any bull’s eye you have to map out the trajectory as to how to get there.  You have to plan it and visualize it.

Finally, you are ready to what in archery is the next step, release.  For you in goal planning it is taking action on all the steps you have followed up to this point.  Regardless of how good your preparation is, if you don’t take action (release) no target will be hit…let alone the bull’s-eye!

And, in archery you must follow-through so the arrow’s trajectory toward the target is on track and stays on track.  Yup!  You guessed it!  The same is true in your planning for success at anything in life.  You have to follow-through on your actions and adjust them as changing circumstances demand.

Whatever your target, follow the foregoing steps and you will hit the bull’s-eye every time.  For a review of the archery steps follow this link to the webpage:  Basic Archery Training Steps.  It will give you deeper perspective on why planning to achieve your goals has to be just as detailed as the steps in hitting the bull’s-eye in archery.

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