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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900438566_20130818-160016_1How stupid is that?  By the fact that each of us exist we are someone!  Aaah, but the question is what kind of someone.  The fact is any one of us can be just any old someone.  I’m not talking about that!  I’m talking about being SOMEONE!

By implication above, I believe a SOMEONE is on a whole different level than a someone.  Yes, we are all of significance by our very being and the related uniqueness.  On the other hand, life isn’t just about being.  It is about being all you can be!

Being SOMEONE requires a lot by somebody who wishes to achieve that level of being.

First, you must define clearly what it is you want to ultimately be.  In business plans, they call that the Vision.

Having the vision of what you want to be, the next thing you must do is define exactly why you want to be what it is you ultimately want.  In business plans, they call that the Mission.

Now, you should have some clarity as to where you want to go and why.  Next, therefore, comes defining what you are going to do to get there.  In business plans, they call that the Strategic Plan.

A strategic plan for becoming all you can be is a wonderful thing.  On the other hand, it’s useless if you don’t back it up with specific Actions Plans that will guide you to fulfilling the strategic plan.  In business plans, they call the steps in action plans the Tactics.

SOMEONE once said:  “Wishing consumes as much energy as planning.”  SOMEONE else said:  “Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Being SOMEONE requires you to act on your vision, mission, strategic plan and action plans repeatedly throughout your life.

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