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Believe This

We all struggle with the concept.  Belief or believing, that is.  The concept requires some kind of faith and I’m not limiting my comments to religion.  I’m talking about the concept, in general.

Maybe it will help to start with a definition of the words from Webster’s.  First, belief:  “1 : trust  2 : something believed.”  Now, believing:  “1 : trust in  2 : accept as true  3 : hold as an opinion.”

Well, those definitions tell us what the concept means.  I’m struggling with finding something deeper about the concept of belief, though.  It’s my belief that it’s only with finding that something deeper that any of us can put the idea of belief to work for us in all aspects of our lives.  I’m talking about the source of belief for each of us.

If we’re going to benefit from belief, we have to know from where it comes.  It has to start from somewhere!  Right?

How about this…it comes from who you are.  Your beliefs are the summation of all your life experiences and how they have shaped your thinking.  Change how you experience life going forward; you can change who you will be; and, that will change your beliefs.  Change your beliefs and you change the outcome of your efforts.

This I believe.

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