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Best Intentions

How long have you been putting it off?  My guess is you have had the best intentions but just haven’t gotten around to it.  That is called procrastination and in its every form not a good situation.  It’s one thing to strategically re-schedule something for valid reasons and another to simply keep putting it off.

Living a life of personal development and the resulting self-actualization requires action not best intentions.  Intentions are thoughts and by the very definition they don’t connote action.  If you want to make something happen, you can’t just have intentions, you have to act!

An act always leads to a result.  Yes, you can commit a bad act and therefore get a bad result but there is a result and that’s the point.  If you want to move ahead in your life, it won’t happen with only your best intentions.

The greatest dream supported by best intentions is lost in time.  The greatest dream supported by your best actions is realized in time.

Act on your best intentions and your best results will be achieved!

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