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Best Laid Plans Are Not Divine Because the Devil Is In the Details

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900411803How many times in your life have you heard a particular phrase in the title of this post?  Hundreds, at, least, I would bet.  It has been used so long and so frequently that people take it as truism.  What’s a truism?  It’s a self-evident or obvious truth.  Well, your goal shouldn’t be to worry about that but understand why “the devil is in the details” is important to your self-actualization in life.

The fact is no great plan for success or anything else for that matter happens through the mists of divine intervention.  By its very definition best laid plans can’t allow for such vagary.  If your plans are going to be the best they can possibly be and, therefore, lead ultimately to where you want to go your attention to detail is absolutely critical.

There are five steps to building a best laid plan.

  1. A long-term vision of what you want to be when you grow up.
  2. The emotional attachment to achieving the vision must be deep and abiding.
  3. The overriding goals necessary in achieving the vision need to be defined in detail.Here’s a link to a great discussion as to how to do that.
  4. Actions plans must be put in place to define the step-by-step procedures necessary for achieving the goals.
  5. The need to adapt at all levels of the plan as you proceed toward achieving the long-term vision is critical to dealing with changing circumstances over time.

It’s the devil to have to adhere to the details outlined in the above five steps but you will get divine results.

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