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Better Than Best

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0386813I guess the question might be, how can there be something better than best?  Well, maybe we better understand the meaning of both words and then take it from there.  I better do my best, here, or you won’t be able to benefit from my ultimate point!

Let’s take “better” first since it suggests something better than best.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist writing that last sentence!  Better…let’s make sure we cover all the bases concerning its meaning.  Here’s the definitions found in the Pocket Oxford English Dictionary:

  • More satisfactory or suitable
  • Partly or fully recovered from an illness or injury
  • In a better way
  • To a greater degree; more
  • Something that is better
  • Betters…people who are more important than you
  • Improve on something
  • Improve your social position


“Best” on the other hand is defined in the same dictionary this way:


  • Of the highest quality
  • Most suitable or sensible
  • To the highest degree or standard; most
  • Most suitably or sensibly
  • That which is of the highest quality or most suitable
  • The highest standard you can reach
  • Taking the most optimistic view
  • Overcome someone
  • Find it most suitable to
  • Get what limited advantage you can from


That’s a lot of words to define two words but there really is a method to my madness in including all of them in this post.  I believe understanding of those words in each definition will help you better define what you have to do to become all you can be.

You see, you can’t just do your best even though a couple of the definitions say things like “of the highest quality” or, “to the highest degree or standard.”  The fact is if you are going to become all you can be, you have to think “better” than those couple of definitions.

The point is even though you have reached, in your mind, the pinnacle of quality, degree or standards regarding your efforts so far, “better” says you can do something to a “greater degree” or, “improve on something.”

Always have a mindset that says, I can do better, and you will always do better than best.

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