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…as opposed to behind or within.  I’m taking about the vision you have for your life.

The fact is you can focus within your current comfort zone.  That will be nice and comfortable.  Your challenge is that nothing new and exciting comes from comfort.  New and exciting always introduces some degree of discomfort.  It has too by its very nature.  Venturing into the unknown of new or exciting opportunities always requires a certain degree of courage and trust in your ability to handle the experiences.  It usually takes little courage and trust to remain in your comfort zone because you are not stretching beyond the known.

Additionally, your vision of life can be like looking in the rear view mirror of your car.  Your focus is only on that which you have already passed by.  When you are constantly focusing on what’s already behind you, it limits your opportunity to look ahead.  Your future is always ahead of you and your past is always behind you.  You have to choose to live in one or the other…there is no compromise, here.

Finally, your vision of life can focus on what’s beyond where you are now.  If you don’t look beyond, you will never find what is just beyond your current opportunities in life.  Life is about living for its opportunities and experiencing all it has to offer.  Truly engaging yourself in living your life creates unending hope.

Think about all this the way St. Clement of Alexandra described it:  “If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.”

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