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Big Mouth

You’ve heard the expression a million times.  You’re in a conversation and talking with others about others and someone in the group says something like, “Oh, he’s a big mouth.”  Everyone jumps on the bandwagon because someone broke the ice, so to speak.  The next few minutes are spent gleefully or viciously supporting the observation.  Well…at least we got it off our chest during the conversation!  Right?

Tell me.  What do we really gain when we get drawn into such conversations?  Do we really benefit ourselves and others?  Speaking of others, how do we think the person being disparaged would feel if she or he heard the comment?  Even if it’s true, what is there to be gained by reducing ourselves down to such a low level?

Behaviorial psychologists have studied and written copious amounts of information regarding their findings concerning the concept of Emotional Intelligence.  The nutshell of all the information is those same experts have determined that Emotional Intelligence may very well be much more important to our ultimate success in life than our intellect.  In short, being smart isn’t necessarily the trump card to success.

The above “big mouth” scenario is only one way of how lack of or low Emotional Intelligence can be exhibited.  A great example as to how to exhibit a higher level of Emotional Intelligence in such situations is demonstrated in the words of an Orthodox cleric, Elder Ephraim of Philotheou.  He said:  “Be careful with your mouth, but primarily with your mind; do not let evil thoughts start talking to you.  Do not let your mouth say words that could perhaps wound your brother.  Let your mouth put forth words which are fragrant:  words of consolation, courage and hope.  It is a person’s mouth that reveals his interior, inner man.”

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