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Blind Ambition

Interesting word, ambition.  One Webster’s definition for ambition is “eager desire for success or power.”

As for the word, blind, one Webster’s dictionary defines it several ways:

  • “lacking or quite deficient in ability to see”
  • “not intelligently controlled”
  • “having no way out”
  • “to make blind”
  • “something to conceal or darken”
  • “place of concealment”


Now, let’s put all that in a context that will help you as you pursue your success in life.  If you have an eager desire to succeed or acquire power, you will have to consider the following points.

If you are lacking or quite deficient in your ability to see a clear direction to your goals, you will never get there.  It’s your ability to clearly see the benefits of achieving your goals that fires the emotions necessary to pay the price.

On the other hand, if you don’t intelligently control your eager desire, you can become obsessed to a fault with achieving your goals.  Everything and everybody else in your life is shutout and you become isolated in your own world.  So much so that you may not have a way out.  You make yourself blind to all the other wonders of life.

You may become so driven that you slip into a place of concealment from family and friends.  Consequently, they may feel like you have something to conceal or darken.  They may become blind in their sense of the value in continuing the relationship with you.

So, all that is to say that blind ambition may not be the way to go.  How about a balanced ambition toward your desires for success and power that opens everybody’s eyes and hearts, including yours?

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