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Block and Tackle

No, I’m not going to be writing about football as the primary topic in this post.  However, it’s interesting to consider the meaning of the two key words in the title.  It’s the meaning of those words as it relates to you realizing your true potential that’s important here.

Consider the word, block.  At a minimum the word suggests the temporary interruption of something.  Example:  You come up to a barrier in a road that blocks your way.  Now, I suppose you could move the barrier aside and continue on your way but that could be very risky.  Whose to say the barrier isn’t protecting travelers from catapulting over a cliff because the roadway has been washed-out in a storm?  Regardless of the issue, clearly the barrier serves as a block in your path.  You must figure an appropriate way around it if you are to continue to progress.

Now, the word, tackle seems to me to have a different connotation to it than the word, block.  As I said the word, block, tends to suggest to me a temporary delay in the progress of something or somebody.  Tackle, on the other hand suggests something more sustained.  For me, the word suggests a more permanent interruption of progress.  Example:  You’re a football player and you’re running with the ball while your teammates temporarily block your opponents from stopping your progress.  However, one opponent is not temporarily delayed by a block and proceeds to permanently interrupt your progress during that play by tackling you to the ground.  When you’re tackled your progress isn’t just temporarily delayed, it is totally stopped, at least for that one play.

Here’s the point…to achieve success you must do what’s necessary to quickly overcome a temporary block in your path or avoid a tackle that takes you totally out of the game of life.  You accomplish that by running with passion, anticipation, courage, knowledge, determination and always keeping your eye on the ultimate goal.

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