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Bravery Will Make You Hear but Not Actually Listen to Them

Have you ever really thought about it?  The words have become inculcated into American, stereotypical vernacular.

How did the words evolve?  Why did they evolve?

The words to which I refer are:  Indian Brave.

I have to admit.  I never gave it much consideration until beginning to think about the ultimate point I want to make in this article.

So what did I do to satisfy my curiosity?  I Googled, “why a male American Indian is called a brave.”  Pretty creative, don’t you think?  ;<)

Well, come to find out a lot of the history behind the evolution of the term came out of fear.  My research found “white people” were looking for a way of putting a face to the mystique of Native Americans that was less threatening.  After all, at one time all Native Americans were referred to as “Wild Indians.”

In my search, I found a lot of interesting information.  One example:  The essence of the term, Indian Brave, is to define a person who is well-trained and a defender of his homeland and family.  Here’s one article to give you more understanding, if you desire.

There are two points that need to be made in transitioning to the essence of my message.

First, is developing an understanding of the word, brave, from a different but related perspective.  Secondly, is connecting that meaning to the “them” in the title of this article and a debilitating problem we all can have.

The title of this article reads:  Bravery Will Make You Hear but Not Actually Listen to Them.

What is bravery, anyway?

Well, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary says bravery is the quality that allows someone to do things that are dangerous or frightening.

I think we could agree it took bravery for an American Indian male, back in the day, to defend his homeland and family.

Today, while it may be a little less dramatic, it takes bravery for all of us to defend against the “them” referenced in the title.

The “them?”

It is your fears!

Your fears are just as much a threat to your well-being and future success as the inexorable march of the “white man” from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast of the United States through Native American territories.

However, the war for you in overcoming your fears should not be a shooting war that slaughters people on both sides.  Rather, it is a more subtle form of combat.

To overcome your fears so you can achieve all that you want to be, do or have, you can’t listen to them.  Yes, you have to hear them for understanding but not listen to them as the final word limiting your potential.

Let’s clarify the distinction between hearing and listening so you can take action in combating your fears.

The purpose of truly listening is to take notice of something and then take appropriate and related action.

Your challenge is if you take notice of your fears and then take appropriate and related action, the fear will probably stop you dead in your tracks!

The only “success” you could feel out of being stopped dead in your tracks by your fears is the temporary relief of avoiding the fear.

The only way you can succeed at becoming all you can be, do, or have in your life is to effectively deal with your fears not avoid them!

Effectively dealing with your fears requires exercising some bravery to hear them for understanding.

As with any word, hearing can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  For our purposes here, I’m focused on the concept of hearing as in allowing your fear to percolate in your thinking to understand why you have the fear…Then, rationally strategizing to overcome/deal with the fear.

Think about all this given the fact your mindstate (mood) effects how you think and act.  If you listen to your fears, and think they are too overwhelming you will not act.  You will freeze in fear!

Alternatively, if you hear your fears, you will create rational thinking that allows you to act positively.

Be like an American Indian Brave and defend your homeland (ultimate success) for both you and your family.eyes-394176_1280

What is the biggest fear you currently have that is stopping you from succeeding?  What will be your first step in “hearing” that fear so you can develop understanding and act positively in overcoming it?

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