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Break Out

No!  I’m not talking about jail, here!  But, now that I think about it, in a way that’s exactly what I’m talking about.  Too many of us build a jail cell around our potential in life and, then, we’re self-convinced we’ve thrown away the key.  As a result, we’re confined for life in the jail cell of limited thinking.

Putting that another way, the most solitary confinement jail cell in all of the world is right between your ears.  The horror of that confinement is it is so eminently escapable and, yet, we remain chained to the wall of its dungeon.  It’s dark, dank, depressing and the rats love us for being there because they know, if they hang around long enough we’ll be their food.  Do you really want to become food for the rats in the world that encourage your confinement?

Break out!  Find the key and get the hell out of there before the rats do get you!  The key?…

Well think about your break out this way.  At the beginning of life, a butterfly is confined to solitary confinement in their own jail cell…a cocoon.  What’s a butterfly’s key to their break out from the cocoon?  It’s because they think they can and their desire to do so is greater than their resistance to paying the price.  And, so it is for you!

If you want to have your break out in life, you have to believe you can.  You have to create such a strong desire that you will push through any resistance to your goal.  Find your passion…the emotion…to break out and make out in life!

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