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Can and Can’t

So, how is it possible to logically use the two words in the title of the post in the same thought?  Logic would suggest you either can or you can’t.  The two words don’t seem to work together at all.  In fact when used together, they create that wonder of all wonders an oxymoron.

Enough said on that angle of the use of the two words together.  My real point is there are some things you can do and some things you can’t do, if you’re going to reach your full potential in life.

Let’s take the “can’ts” first.  Assuming you don’t see your full potential being reached while locked up in a penitentiary somewhere, you can’t break the law.  Similarly, you can’t be lacking in emotional intelligence because successful interpersonal relationships are critical to overall success in life.  You can’t cheat the rules of the game of life, in general.  All that could be summarized by saying you can’t lack in character.  Having little character will inevitably bring you big disappointment in all aspects of your life.

That last “can’t” brings me to the biggest “can,” if you’re going to become all you can be.  You can train yourself in literally all the skills it requires for your success.  Success is not dictated by a lack of skill.  It is driven by the lack of effort to learn the necessary skills in whatever your pursuit.  A never say die effort is the result of a resilient character.

So, you see, you can if you have character and you can’t if you don’t!

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