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Can’t Be POed

Sounds slightly profane, doesn’t it?…the title, that is.  Well, think what you like because that is not my intent.  On the other hand, if you’re POed at my title for this post I can’t help that…but read on anyway.

A pessimist is one who doesn’t believe in positive outcomes.  Their frame of reference is always from the negative.  If it’s going to happen, it’s going to be a negative.  They think down versus up.  Their thinking creates a cloud of negativity that blocks the sun of opportunity.  As a consequence, they live their life POed, if you get my drift.

The optimist on the other hand believes positive outcomes are inevitable.  They believe all things that happen are for a positive reason.  They think up versus down.  Their’s is an attitude of always seeing the sun of opportunity even through the clouds of negativity.  They live their lives OPed…explanation:  Open to the Positives.

Is one type of person a better thinker than the other?  No. They’re different that’s all.   I don’t mean to paint the pessimist as a bad person and the optimist a good person.  It isn’t about bad or good.  It’s about the different attitudes expressed in the old adage related to thinking the glass is half empty or half full.

However, I do contend that an optimist has a greater hope for a life of fulfillment.  A pessimist is limited in that opportunity because their negativity constantly stops them from taking the risks of opportunity.  No wonder they’re POed all the time!

So, you can’t be both a pessimist (P) AND an optimist (O).  You choose.  It’s one or the other.

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