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Can’t Resist It

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900422345Some things are very easy to put aside or, to put that more dramatically, discard.  Take for example a used car you want to trade-in for that shiny new vehicle.  Another example might be you want the latest mobile phone technology so it’s very easy to dump your current phone for one with all the newest bells and whistles.

The converse of those examples is to say it’s hard to resist such desires.  When you want a new car, a locomotive couldn’t stop your momentum toward getting it…same for the newest phone.  When an idea, whose time has come, so to speak, strikes you it is almost impossible to resist it.  Come hell or high water you’re going to make it happen.

Why is that do you think?  My thought is it’s because of the emotion attached to the idea.  You are compelled by a deep emotional attachment to making the idea a reality.  You don’t want to live with only the idea!  You flat out want to live with the object of your idea in your possession!  And, oh by the way, now is when you want it to happen and so immediately you make it so!  You just can’t resist it!

Then, I ask you, why couldn’t that be the case with other aspects of your life?  You can have anything you absolutely, truly want.  All you have to do is work at creating a big enough emotional reason for wanting it.  Make it so you can’t resist it, in other words.

If you think you want something and you can’t seem to get it, ask yourself about how deep your emotional ties are to it.  If there is no depth in your emotions, then there will not be depth in your desire.  Forget it!  Move on!  Find something you truly can’t resist having.

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