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Capture Contagious Confidence through Consistent Positive Thinking

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900424429In the just completed Winter Olympics, you could see it all around each venue.  It didn’t make any difference what the discipline was…downhill skiing, half pipe, speed skating, and figure skating, whatever.  Each discipline had within it the haves and have-nots in terms of confidence in their skills and chances to be on the podium having earned a medal.

Why is it that even at that world class level of talent and skill the issue of confidence can be such a challenge?  Well, for the answer let’s take a look at a couple of the driving issues.  First, consider the concept of confidence, itself.  From each participant’s point of view, their sense of confidence would be defined as a feeling or belief that s/he can do something well or succeed at something.  From the spectator’s point of view, their sense of confidence could be defined as the feeling of being certain that something will happen or that something is true.   

Simple enough, don’t you think?  The problem, however, is not understanding what confidence is.  The problem is how a person can make confidence a contagious characteristic of who they are.  Now, I’ve introduced another word that can be misunderstood (contagious) but it is important that we be clear on it.  Simply stated, contagious is anything that can be spread by communicable contact.

In other words, those that had a high degree of confidence as to the success of their Olympic pursuit had created a condition of communicable contact all the way through their very being.  The communicable contact carried the powerful bug called confidence.   The important point to understand, here, is what they exposed themselves to so they were infected by the bug. 

Well, there is at least a century of outstanding writings on the subject of the power of positive thinking.  A consistent point made in those writings is one must discipline his or her thinking to look to the positive side of every event in their lives.  The bottom-line for our purposes in this post is to recognize the haves in the Olympic pursuit through positive thinking have learned to consistently overcome and learn from their innumerable failures. 

Applying consistent positive thinking has allowed them to create a contagious confidence driving their success to the highest levels of their sport. Whatever your pursuit in life, you can choose to do the same!

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