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Caution: Being Connected May Be Cancelling Your Patience

Have you felt it personally?  It would seem most of us have!

With the increasing invasion of electronic devises in your life, there is a real risk of losing significant opportunities.  Opportunities that only can become apparent after taking a little time to investigate them.

The challenge, unfortunately, is doing that extra little digging into the details requires patience.  It, however, would seem to be catastrophically in decline.

Take one source that can serve as proof how patience is waning.  My bet is you have found yourself embroiled in the maelstrom of connectivity and, as a consequence, your patience waning.

The following video goes a little more into the detail as to why that is a problem for you.

Never fear!  While I said in the video I didn’t have any answers, I figured I would exercise the patience to find you some.

Here is a bibliography of sites that share multiple ideas on developing your level of patience.  Be patient and take the time to gain some valuable learning!   ☺







garylogonewbrownsmallSo…which article’s tips are you going to use as a tool to develop your level of patience?

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