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Cellular Thinking

Okay…the title of this post might suggest its topic is about cell phones or the like.  As they say, “Wrong again!”

While I have, like many of you, a smart phone and am pretty adept at using its various features and apps, I want to take you past the limited thinking of a smart phone.  We may call them “smart” but the brain power is limited by the actions we take to use the phone’s features and applications.

A funny thing happened on the way to using your smart phone.  Using its power through whatever cellular service you subscribe to is no different than using the cellular power of your brain.  Every cell in your brain is charged to do something.  It exists because there is some need for each particular cell to send a power surge to some part of your body to perform some function.

Here’s the kicker…you have to command the cell to send the surge of power in many cases.  Yes, some cells drive the involuntary functions of our body–heart beat, breathing, etc.  But, the fact is you have to activate the energy stored in many brain cells in order to get whatever is stored there.

Let’s be simplistic for a moment.  Let’s say you have a new idea on how you want to react to a particular challenge in your life.  If you trap that idea in a cell of your brain, that’s what I am calling cellular thinking.  The idea is in your head but that’s where it stays.

An idea locked in your brain has no chance of escaping the related brain cell unless you activate the power stored in that cell.  In other words, a brain loaded with millions of cells with ideas is brain-dead, if you don’t take action.

Nothing is more limited than a great idea never acted upon!  Let the cellular network of your brain send its signals for your success.

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